10 Natural Hair Drugstore or Beauty Supply Brands With Products That Cost $10 (Or Less)!


There are so many ways to live this natural hair life. You can be the DIY natural who buys her own oils and butters and whips amazing concoctions up in your kitchen. You can be the fancy natural who splurges on pricey hair potions and is always down to try the new and the next, regardless of the cost. Or you can be the bella on a budget, who wants to try new things but just doesn’t have the resources to break the bank on hair products.

Bellas on a budget, I salute you. And please know that there are many amazing products out there on shelves at the drugstore and at your favorite beauty supply store, that will do your natural hair justice.


I have three main tips for ladies who are looking for new natural hair products, but are reluctant or unable to spend more than $ 10 an item.

#1 – do your research before you buy. If cost is a concern and you can’t spend all willy nilly on products that might or might not work, read up on products before you buy them. Read reviews on Amazon or on your favorite drugstore’s website. Look it up on blogs and on YouTube. It’s best to go into the shopping experience informed, so you don’t wind up overwhelmed and with too many products in your shopping basket.

#2 – create your own Hair Club. If you’ve got a group of girlfriends who live near to you – sorority sisters, floormates in your dorm, friendly neighbors or family anything along those lines, then consider pooling your resources and going in on larger sizes of highly coveted hair products together. Just make sure you’re pooling those resources with someone trustworthy, and keep the products where access is readily available to both parties. This can be a way to make more expensive styling products affordable, if done right.

#3 – decide what you’ll negotiate on. If you’re an ingredient purist, you may find yourself spending a bit more on hair products that meet your standards. If a hair product is under $ 10, it more than likely includes one ingredient natural hair lovers question the inclusion of. I tend to be an ingredient purist but sometimes I still use a shine serum made with silicones, or a product that includes mineral oil – as this post by The Beauty Brains reveals, sometimes there’s more that needs to be researched beyond just saying an ingredient is bad. And sometimes these things can be washed out with a sulfate free cleansing shampoo anyway, if buildup is an issue. My best advice is to just be informed about what’s in the beauty products you’re using in general.

And now, without further ado. These are all products I’ve tried myself, or have heard amazing word-of-mouth things about from people whose opinions I respect. They’re all products within that $ 10 budget that I’m comfortable recommending, because they’re effective. Happy shopping, bellas!

10 Natural Hair Drugstore or Beauty Supply Brands, With Products For 10 Dollars (or less)!

- Cantu

Cantu Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque for Hair, $ 7.99.

Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream, $ 4.99.

- Beautiful Textures

Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner, $ 6.89

Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave-in Conditioner, $ 5.89

- As I Am

As I Am Coconut Cleansing CoWash, $ 7.99

- EDEN BodyWorks

EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner, $ 8.49

- Curls

Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste, $ 7.99

Curls Goddess Curl Gel, $ 7.99

-  Nene’s Secret

My Mom’s Hair Masque, $ 9.99

- SheaMoisture

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl Mousse, $ 9.99

- Queen Helene

Queen Helene Royal Curl Shaping Cream, $ 8.97

- Curls Unleashed

Curls Unleashed Organic Root Stimulator Leave-In Conditioner, $ 9.97

- Nothing But

Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo, $ 7.99

And there you have it! Those brands tend to stay below the $ 10 mark, and their products do work for me and for others. Hope you find something listed that fits your needs and your budget!

Most of the links above are affiliate links, and your purchase will help support this here blog. Thank you!

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