The WINNER of the AFROS the Book Giveaway Is…

SO many great responses from you all on the AFROS the Book giveaway post.

AFROS Book Cover

So many of you had supported Michael July in his Kickstarter effort, and so many of you are happy, proud, and loving your natural beauty! It’s a beautiful thing, and I wish I could give everyone who entered a copy of this beautiful book. For now – we have to wait until the book is available for sale this month on

The lucky WINNER of the AFROS the Book giveaway is…Bridgett Lee. She says: “I think that it is just awesome to see someone like Michael July create a piece of photographic literature that elevates, promotes, and presents the beauty of the Afro. The book has beautiful photography, beautiful people, and shows that anybody can rock an Afro. I was born in 73? with an awesome Afro. Now turning 40, I am rocking a teeny weeny curly Afro and girl it looks good! So thanks for talking about Michael’s book, I hope everyone buys it (I know I will) and I wish I could be there at the book signing.”

CONGRATS and thanks for entering, Bridgett! I’ll be in touch to get your information so you can get your book ASAP!

Thank you all who entered, and thanks to Michael July for this wonderful offer. You can follow @AfrosTheBook on Twitter.

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